We are available to answer any question you may have about Hannah's Home of South Florida. Below you will find answers to questions that we have been asked. Please don't hesitate to give us a call with any concerns you any concerns you may have. 

We provide education, counseling, life skills training, room and board all free of charge. In return, the girls volunteer for the home by cleaning, cooking and taking care of the children.

Hannah’s Home centers around five basic elements: spiritual development, case management, Christian counseling, literacy and education, and family leadership.

The goals of our program are the following: 

  • To assist women in overcoming any  negative experiences and unhealthy life patterns of their past (trauma, unhealthy relationships, abuse issues, etc.)
  • To assist women in establishing healthy and nurturing relationships with their children and teaching them how to address their children’s developmental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual needs.
  • To assist women in furthering their  education in attaining a high school diploma and beyond as well as specific job skills that would allow them to become self-sufficient.
  • Train women to live responsible, productive, and fruitful lives. 

Our residents find us through a variety of ways such as referrals from churches and crisis pregnancy centers, word of mouth, calling 211 crisis hotlines, and even the internet.

Yes. They must be between the ages of 18 and 25, be pregnant, have no other children in their care and agree to abide by our rules.

The overall program is designed for up  to two years, but can be completed in less time depending on the goals of each individual.

Our innovative long-term program focuses on transformation in all areas of life; spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational. Our goal for each woman that graduates the program is to leave the home equipped to carry out her personal responsibility as a member of the community and a self-supporting parent. 

We currently have room for four girls and their babies. In the near future, we will be opening the doors to a new  addition that will double our capacity and include a day care center.

We are almost 100% privately funded. Through the charitable donations of local churches, businesses, foundations, individuals and  a small state funded grant, we meet all of the needs of the residents and their babies.

Our greatest need is prayer; we depend on the Lord’s provision and care. In addition, we also need financial support, volunteers, and donations of supplies.