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Current Job Openings

Hannah's Home is currently seeking Resident Advisors as well as House Parents.  Please see job descriptions below.

House Parents Responsibilities

 Purpose:  The House Parents serve to provide a safe, God-honoring family environment for the house residents. Their primary role is to oversee the ministry of the Home to love, disciple and parent the house residents in accordance with Biblical principles and provide a Christ-like example for them.  They will also function to monitor the daily physical and emotional needs of the young women who reside at Hannah's Home.


 The House Parents will:

 Agree with the Statement of Faith which includes the infallibility of Scripture, salvation alone through Jesus Christ, and the sanctity of life

  1. Demonstrate and model an active and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Agree with the principles of Hannah’s Home, including the sanctity of the unborn life, that every child is a blessing and that each young woman who enters Hannah’s Home has a future and a hope that God has promised her.
  3. Be capable of maintaining a neutral stance on the question of adoption vs. parenting the child.
  4. Model a marriage that is God-honoring
  5. Demonstrates humility, integrity, maturity and sound judgment
  6. Have a desire to work with low-income, single mothers
  7. Able to live in Hannah's Home residence in designated living space when on duty
  8. Hold a valid driver's license with a clean driving record
  9. Have no dependents living with them
  10. House Father will have ability to assistant in helping to keep the Home maintained and repaired


House Parents will be responsible for the following:

 Communicate and enforce the Hannah's Home policies and mission

  1. Demonstrate integrity, maturity and sound judgment
  2. Possess capability of establishing and maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment for the residents of the Home
  3. Assist in evaluating residents’ needs for community resources and support
  4. Work closely with Program Resident Manager and Resident Advisors
  5. If needed, discuss termination of resident from the program
  6. Supervise, encourage, disciple and evaluate up to four residents
  7. Provide crisis intervention and conflict management to the residents
  8. Assist Resident Program Manager in creating a daily house schedule for classes, childcare, counseling, etc. and help to supervise residents in their duties
  9. Role model relational and parenting skills – maintain availability to intervene at any given time or situation to give correction or support to the residents and/or their children. Be able to operate with a full understanding of rules and regulations of the program
  10. Coordinate and supervise house outings and activities
  11. Keep staff informed regarding the well-being of each resident while maintaining confidentiality
  12. Assist in organizing special outings for the residents
  13. Supervise the residents when they take physician approved medication and prenatal vitamins
  14. Ensure that all residents' nutritional needs are being met by helping tocoordinate meal schedules and special dietary needs
  15. Help residents prepare healthy meals and snacks
  16. Support the residents' attendance at scheduled church services
  17. Disciple residents in spiritual development including Bible studies, devotions, attending special events and weekly informal opportunities
  18. Be familiar with the visitation schedule and privileges for each resident

Home Responsibilities:

  1.  Help to maintain cleanliness and maintenance of HH specifically in the resident’s bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, general living area, pantry, laundry room, and covered patio in back of home
  2. Help to maintain grounds of HH
  3. Monitor fuel levels in all vehicles and assist in fueling at the most economical locations
  4. Stay in home every night unless off duty
  5. Maintain general security of the home for all residents
  6. Help to keep a running inventory and stock of items necessary for daily living in the home
  7. Establish, nurture and maintain a safe, healthy, active and comfortable living environment for the residents.
  8. Participate in monthly staff meetings
  9. Other duties to be determined

Hours:  During 2 days/week designated time off House Parents will remove themselves from the activities of the residence for a time of rest and relaxation.

 Holidays:  House Parents may be required to work on holidays.

 Outside Employment:  You may not have outside employment unless prior written permission has been received from the Board.