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Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Nys

Mary Nys is a faithful and loyal volunteer to the Hannah’s Home family.  Having always had a passion for young women and children, Mary found herself wanting to give back and contribute in some way.   After Mary attended our open house here at Hannah’s Home several years ago, she knew she had found where she was meant to serve. She immediately fell in love with the cause of saving young mommies and their babies. She felt called to help and offer her services knowing that through education, budgeting, counseling, accountability with the system of Hannah Bucks, and even life skills classes, we were transforming and saving lives and restoring hope!


Mary with Alex, one of our resident babies

“I didn’t know what my role would be but I knew I wanted to be connected and when I found out that I would be watching and caring for a child THAT WAS THE ICING ON THE CAKE!!  I am so fortunate to watch Alex grow and have pure “baby time” every time I am here.  You all give me far more than I give you.  I know Alex will not remember me when he is bigger but I will NEVER forget him!  I look forward to my weekly visits and I always ask God to bless you and your special ministry.”


Mary is a wonderful addition to our Hannah’s Home family. She is quick to offer her time volunteering in the home fulfilling many needs from childcare to answering phones, and transporting residents to organizing donations.   Mary has truly been a blessing and we’re thankful for all of her hard work, patience, and dedication.

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