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Nina and Messiah

Hi my name is Nina Johnson and I am the newest resident here at Hannah’s Home.  I am originally from Queens, NY and in 2008 I relocated to Boynton Beach, Florida.  I have two other children, a son and a daughter, that are living with family members.  I have been clean and sober for the past 10 months!  I was at Gratitude House but I knew God was calling me to do other things, so I began to pray and research other options.  I heard about Hannah’s Home and decided to take a chance and make that first visit.  Because God opened all of the right doors, my baby son Messiah Anthony (4months old) and I moved into Hannah’s Home on March 27th.  Hannah’s Home is THE NICEST place I have ever been!!  Since moving in, I have HOPE!  I have hope and I believe that I DO deserve peace and love.  Messiah and I are TRULY bonding and I pray that one day he is able to meet his father.  I look forward to my time here and plan to use it to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ, learn how to be the best mom I can be, get my High School Diploma and start a career!  I would love to work as a Home Healthcare Aide. 

When I was packing my things to move into Hannah’s Home, I found a book on names and looked up “Nina”….the Hebrew translation said that it meant HANNAH and I just knew that that was God confirming I was about to start an amazing journey!  I am so happy and feel truly blessed to be here.