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Building Update

Summer is here and the exterior of our expansion is now complete!  Thanks to several contractors and volunteers we now have our building painted, gutters installed, walkways installed and landscaping planted around the new Day Care Center and Dorm Expansion.  All of this was done complete debt free!

Since the exterior of the buildings are now done we are concentrating solely on the interior.  All the rough in work for electrical, plumbing and fire alarm have been done and it's the finishing touches now.  In the Dorm Expansion all of the rooms have gotten their first coat of paint and the grid for the drop ceiling has been installed.  Once the final coat of paint is applied the electricians, ceiling installers, plumbers and fire alarm techs can come in and finish out their work; outlets, sinks, smoke detectors, ceiling tiles, etc.

In the Day Care Center the first coat has also been applied and we're almost ready for the finishing work.

In the meantime all the doors and trim have been installed.  We're starting to look like a finished building!

Our Executive Director Beth Fike and Alex check out the new Day Care Center.

Looking from the Day Care Center to the hallway that will connect it to the main building.

Looking from the front office at the opening to the Day Care Center.