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Volunteer Opportunities for Hannah’s Home of South Florida

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Hannah’s Home of South Florida! We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at our facility.  We pray that you will be able to bless us with your time as God leads you.  We also pray that through your volunteer work at Hannah’s Home, you will also be blessed to see how God uses you.

Prayer Team

This is a very important ministry to Hannah’s Home.  You would receive prayer requests from a liaison to our staff and pray accordingly. 


Hannah’s Home of South Florida needs people who are skilled in the administrative field.  Those who have computer skills, are willing to do filing and who are upbeat to answer the phones.  There are also special projects that we could use assistance with.  Office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cleaning Service

Although the residents each receive chores while living at Hannah’s Home, they often cannot complete them because of a high-risk pregnancy or maternity leave.  Additionally, it is wonderful when someone is able to give them a break from their chores as they work very hard as single mothers.  We also need help keeping the front offices clean.  Volunteers in this position help us by sweeping, mopping, cleaning the kitchen or bathrooms, dusting, and various other cleaning activities.  Cleaning can be done Monday – Saturday.  Date and time would need to be arranged.

Public Relations/Development/Marketing

Hannah’s Home of South Florida needs volunteers who have experience working in the public relations field.  We could use volunteers with a background in journalism and writing press releases.  We need people who are skilled with social media networking and development experience in graphic design that can assist with promotional materials.

Grant Writer

In addition to fund raising, help is needed to identify and draft applications for grants, to write grant proposals and reports to corporate, foundation, individual, and government funders.

IT Support

Between the office computers and the residents’ computers, we need people who are experienced with trouble shooting computers and lap tops and who have experience with protecting computers from viruses and various other issues.


Drivers are needed to take the girls to doctor and various other appointments.  We have a vehicle here that you can use or you are welcome to drive your own car.  Drivers are needed Monday – Friday and times vary.

Life Skills Teachers

We have several life skills classes that are ready to implement and are just in need of the teachers to present the information!  This includes Christ based character building classes, health and nutrition and financial courses.  We also offer various Bible studies for the residents at Hannah’s Home.  If you have any special talents that you would like to share and teach to the girls at Hannah’s Home, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your ideas.  Classes can be scheduled Monday - Friday both daytime and evening.


There are residents at Hannah’s Home that need some assistance with preparing to take the ACT test in order to earn their high school diploma.  In addition there are residents who are interested in taking their GED and could use help studying for the different subjects – Language Arts, Science, History and Math.  Tutoring can be scheduled Monday – Friday both daytime and evening.


As we are continuing with the expansion at the Home, there is a need for skilled construction workers, electricians and plumbers.  We also need all around fix it people who are willing to work on various projects around our facility.  Work can be scheduled Monday – Saturday based upon volunteer’s availability.

Nursery Caretakers

While the girls are in class, or at their doctor appointments, you will have a wonderful time taking care of their babies!  Rocking, changing diapers, holding and feeding them and just making sure that they are clean, happy, and healthy.  Caretakers are mainly needed Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m.  – 5:00 p.m. but occasionally evening and weekend helpers are needed.

Resident Activity Coordinator 

Our girls work very hard as single mothers and they are also either working or going to school.  On the evenings and weekends, we like them to be able to get out of the house and have some fun!  We need volunteers who want to spend time with the residents and build relationships to plan and take the girls on outings. This could be weekly or monthly and the activities would have to be child friendly or have child care available.

Gardening/Yard Work

If you love working outside, this will be a great job for you! We need help keeping up the exterior of the home. This would include planting flowers, pruning trees and bushes, pulling weeds and watering the plants.   Yard work can be scheduled based upon the volunteer’s availability.

Auto Maintenance

We would appreciate a volunteer to keep up the maintenance on the two vehicles that we own. This would include checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and washing and vacuuming regularly.  Maintenance can be scheduled based upon the volunteer’s availability.


Please contact Hannah’s Home if you are interested in any of these opportunities or if you have another idea of how you can bless the ministry.

We are grateful of your support to the women and children of Hannah’s Home!




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