About Us

The Need

Local pregnancy centers in Florida report a desperate need for housing young women and their babies. After choosing life for their unborn child, many women are rejected and without options; living in cars, on park benches, and many times with abusers. They need a safe environment where they can experience God’s love and blessing for choosing life for their baby. There are many wonderful organizations that provide assistance to these young women. There are too few maternity homes where the mothers can stay long term and are given the gifts of time and support to accomplish their goals. Hannah’s Home takes the extra step to invest in these young women and their children’s future.


Our Solution

Upon entering Hannah’s Home, the young women immediately have counseling to see what their hopes and expectations are for themselves and their baby’s future. Here, they are able to decide, without pressure, if it is best to place the baby with a loving family of their choice or choose to keep their baby and begin the transition into parenthood. Whichever choice they make, they start working to that end. In addition, they are able to pursue an education whether through a high school diploma or GED. They also have the opportunity to receive vocational training and internships. Each woman attends daily life skills classes to learn parenting skills, nutrition, budgeting, cooking, character building, healthy relationship skills and boundaries. The final step in our program includes securing employment as they save money for their transition to independence. Our goal is that each resident leave the home equipped with the tools necessary to carry out her personal responsibility as a member of the community. We want to see lives change, hope restored, and hearts transformed. 

Meet the Staff

Joanne Dively
MSW, Chief Operating Officer

Roxanne Daza
Program Manager

Betty Wolcott
Operations/Resident Coordinator

Meet our Board of Directors

Carol Beresford
Founder, 2002

Jon Olson
President, 2005

Michael Rhodes
Treasurer, 2002

Jennifer Morton
Member, 2013

Meet Our Volunteers

Lillian with one of the newborn twins.

Martha and Sara
with Grace and Gabriel

Jessica and Gabriel