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Two-Year Residential Program

Phase I

“Earn While You Learn”

Learn about pregnancy, parenting and being a single mother.

“Adoption Option” Class

Become educated on all your adoption options from Elizabeth Berkowitz.


Attend weekly individual and group Christian counseling.

Bible Study

Attend weekly Bible studies with Pastor Kieron Sharp.

Art Therapy

Enjoy weekly art therapy classes led by Marta Watts.

Independent Living Class

Learn helpful skills in IL classes on nutrition, financial wellness, self defense and more.

All Things Pregnancy

Become educated on about breastfeeding, postpartum care and make appointments with local medical professionals.

Resident Handbook

Learn about the mission and regulations of Hannah’s Home by reading the resident handbook.

Goals & Exit Plan

Set a few program goals and make an exit plan for your transition out of Hannah’s Home.


Finish high school, obtain GED, earn a certification or start college courses.

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Make a WIC appointment to receive governmental support.

Inner Healing

Attend inner healing classes in our on-site chapel led by Cyndi Edgett.

Phase II


Review and update your program goals and exit plan from Phase I.

“Stretch & Breathe”

Focus on self care in stretching classes.

“Career Me”

Complete a career assessment and shadow someone in your field of interest.


Learn about basic budgeting and how to have a healthy relationship with money.


Do assigned chores around the home.

Career Development

Write your resume, cover letter and receive job interview training.

Find a Church

Explore local churches with other Hannah’s Home residents.

Phase III

Part-Time Employment

Work a part-time job or internship in your chosen field.


Find long-term housing outside of Hannah’s Home to prepare for graduation.

Child Care

Find local, affordable child care for your time after Hannah’s Home.

Full-Time Employment

Solidify long-term employment to ensure a sustainable income.

“Positive Parenting Program”

Obtain the “Triple P” certification that equips you with skills to raise confident, healthy children.


Graduate from our program, transition out of Hannah’s Home of South Florida and keep in touch with a mentor.

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